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About Us

Olympus Low Speed Vehicles offers clean energy, all-electric cars and vehicles, ranging from golf cars to buses to utility vehicles and everything in between. We are the proven leader in Personal Transportation and Neighborhood Vehicles both on and off of the road. All of our vehicles consume less energy without sacrificing power and speed. No matter where the path takes you, an Olympus LSV will get you back home.

When it comes to build quality, Olympus vehicles raise the bar. All Olympus vehicles come standard with the latest technology while maintaining a strong, durable, and reliable build quality. We also use AC technology paring a brushless motor to an industry-leading controller that offers more efficient battery life, more responsive acceleration, and longer range per charge.

We know you love to move about your community with both ease and style. Olympus LSV makes this possible by providing vehicles that are street legal* straight from the factory! In addition, Olympus vehicles come with cutting edge standard features and many beautiful color options to choose from; all at no additional cost.